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Native Village of Tyonek

(July 10th – August 25th)
Join Ursus Alaska on one of our favorite Silver Salmon rivers! We have over 40 years combined experience fishing on the Chuitna River and working with the Native Village of Tyonek. If you are an avid fly fisher or want to give it a try this is the trip for you. Not to worry if you prefer to throw hardware (spinners, spoons, lures), work fantastically well.  We welcome all fishers to this river system. While many guide services shy away from encouraging young families to go on remote fishing adventures, we embrace the opportunity to share our love of fishing and family with you. This location is fantastic for kids who may not want to spend the day fishing from a boat. We walk the river searching for salmon! Please let us know in advance if you specifically want to fly fish. We always suggest you bring your own fly rod and reel, but with advance notice we can provide fly gear. We always provide spinning gear.

Silver Salmon

 Lake Clark National Park

Custom Fishing Adventure

Coho (Silver) Salmon West Side Cook Inlet

Sockeye (Red) Salmon West Side Cook Inlet

Fly in Guided Coho (Silver) Salmon Fishing






Coho (Silver) Salmon


Native Village of Tyonek

(July 10th – August 20th)

Native Village of Tyonek

Chuitna River

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